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Salutations Trawick Family and Friends!

We are so proud and excited that you have chosen the New Jersey Chapter of the Trawick Family Reuion Committee to host the  reunion for the second year in a row. We are truly honored and are looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends from across the states. As known New Jersey is the home base of the initial Family Reunion and this year we are taking it back to the basics. We are making this reunion all about family, friends and fellowship. We are in the process of making arrangements that we truly hope, will make this reunion a memorable and enjoyable gathering. Mark your calendars, alarm your phones with the following date- July 19th to 21st 2019.

We have alot of fun planned for the weekend and we need your help in getting the word out about our upcoming reunion. So please contact all and pass the word, let the family know that we would love to hear from them. We have posted information as to the cost of the event along with Hotel information.  We will be posting on this site and on our Facebook page more information about what we are planning. So please encourage family to relink.
It's such a great experience to be able to "Honor our past, by looking back and moving forward enriching our future!"

Hope to see you!!!
Patricia A. Stover-Trawick
Secretary, NJ TFR
Now showing Photo, Hotel Exterior

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Tiffany Trawick
Operations Committed Relationship 2 Victor C. Ramos Jr.
Sharon Trawick
Executive Assistant Committed Relationship 2
lamar mcnair
Profile picture
Army Officer Married 3 Casey Butler
Great Grandson of Blessie Mae Trawick. Great Great grandson of Lillie Trawick and Robert Jackson. Great Great great grandson of Henry He and Alice.    
Jasmine McKay
Profile picture
Nursing Student Committed Relationship
Daughter of Lorayne McKay. Granddaughter of Rudolph Trawick. Great granddaughter of Alex and Hattie Trawick. Great great granddaughter of Henry He and Alice.
Anthony Trawick
flexographic Married 3 Michelle Trawick
Dexter Martin
Profile picture
Profile picture
Small Business Enterprise Director Married 3 Carmen
I am the son of Henry Mack and Edwina Martin,  Grandson of Barney and Effie Martin, my sister is decease Henrinetta Martin, I have 3 kids they are Chabera, Dexter W. Martin, and Nicholas Henry Martin.

Lorayne McKay (Dickinson)
teller 4 Rudolph
Leighsa Darrell-Augustus
Divorced 2
Darren McMichael
Profile picture
Sales Married 1
Looking forward to seeing everyone in St Louis, MO
Candice Hutchinson
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Department of Veterans Affairs Single
Granddaughter of Willie Pearl Trawick
Cheryl Trawick (Fischre)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Adjunct Professor of Law Married 3 Larry
Looking forward to seeing all of you at the family reunion! This website is really impressive and a great way to access information about the reunion. Great job!
L. James T Trawick
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Married 2 Rose
Can't wait to see everyone in St Louis, MO for the 34th Trawick Family Reunion.  You don't want to miss this reunion!
Phil Culver
Profile picture
Profile picture
Business Support at MAC Papers INC; USAF Reserves Retired; Single 1
I'm really looking forward to seeing all the family in St Louis, MO.  This website is a great way to share information. 
 Interest: Photography; family history
LaFayette Trawick
Profile picture
Profile picture
Scientist Married 3
Man.....this site is awesome. I can't wait to get down to the "Lou". I'm goin down down baby your street in an Oddessy....boom boom baby ready to let it go! Shimmy shimmy cocoa what? Listen to me now.
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